VDS/VPS hosting

Plan Cloud VPS 1 Cloud VPS 2 Cloud VPS 4 Cloud VPS 8
Disk space 20 Gb SSD 40 Gb SSD 80 Gb SSD 160 Gb SSD
Memory 1 Gb RAM 2 Gb RAM 4 Gb RAM 8 Gb RAM
CPU 1 core 2.4 GHz 2 cores 2.4 GHz 4 cores 2.4 GHz 8 cores 2.4 GHz
Month price 5.85 $ 11.45 $ 22.45 $ 42.95 $
Order Order Order Order

5 reasons to order VDS/VPS hosting now

  • Flexbile configuration of a sever VDS - add only nedeed options on your Virtual server
  • Automatic installing popular OS - FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu - choose your distribution
  • System images with preinstalled Software - Apache, MySQL, PHP and other - more than 500 packages
  • Support graphic shell Unity, Gnome, Xfce - connection to deskstop through VNC
  • Dynamic switching of plan without stopping the server - experiment of server power
Order VDS/VPS server now! Activation of virtual server for 1 minute. More than 30 ready images of disk. SSH, VNC, Backup, unlimited traffic. If you have any questions - we are always happy to tell you more about our services and promotions or help in making an order.

*If you'll order server v768, v1024 and v1536 you get ISPmanager Lite free. If you order Plan v256 и v512 you can buy ISPmamanger Lite separately for 4,2 per month

Hardware configuration VDS/VPS hosting

  • Dual processor platform HP DL360 G7 - ideal combining reliability and efficiency
  • 2 processors Intel Xeon X5690 - 6 cores and 2.4 Ghz - guarantee of fast work of your sites VPS
  • 192 Gb RAM - even hard CMS work comfortable
  • Disk system hard RAID1+0 on SAS disks with cashing - the reliable storage of your content
  • Uninterrupted electrical power supply - 2 independent power supply units for hot-swappable 750W
  • Direct connection to the Internet backbone channels in a secure data center

Software VDS/VPS hosting

Hosting supports some mechanism of virtualization. VPS FreeBSD Jail suits for majority tasks. We recommend to use Xen server only if it is necessary.

Virtualization type FreeBSD Jail Xen
Supported ОS FreeBSD Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu
Accouting files ОS didn't consider
saves about 1 Gb space on disk
Preloaded Hardware ISPmanager, Apache, Mysql, PHP and other graphic shells
Unity, Gnome, Xfce
Presence SWAP division yes no
VNC access (remote desktop) no yes
Changing a plan in real time
without restarting of system
requires a reboot
Installing the own core doesn't support support

We recommend this template to all without exception. Server has the latest version of OS FreeBSD 8.3 and the most modern of software: Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5, Perl 5.10 and server the panel ISPmanager.


Server has only base kit of operation system FreeBSD 8.3 without additional software. The server doesn’t have Apache, ISPmanager, MySQL and other popular packages. If you need you can install the own software. This platform is the ideal decision for creation own configuration. We recommend it if you are experienced system administrator.


Debian uses core Linux, but majority utilities OS developed for project GNU that is way the full name of project Debian GNU/Linux. There is only OS base utilities without additional software. This platform is ideal for creating own configuration. We recommend to choose if you are experienced system administrator.


Distributive Linux is based RedHat Enterprise Linux and compatible with it. There is only OS base utilities without additional software. This platform is ideal for creating own configuration. We recommend choosing if you are experienced system administrator.


This OS is based on Debian and uses core Linux. There is only OS base utilities without additional software. This platform is ideal for creating own configuration. We recommend choosing if you are experienced system administrator.


OS is based on Debian and uses a core Linux. This OS use new graphical environment Lxde. The general purpose of this distribution is getting complete and quality desktop on a single CD. There are only base utilities of OS without additional software.

For facilitate and acceleration work with service VDS/VPS hosting we prepare image of disk freebsd_8.2_x86-64_ispmanager with preloaded the most popular packages.

  1. ISPmanager
  2. apache22
  3. awstats
  4. bzip2
  5. curl
  6. dovecot
  7. exim
  8. gettext
  9. ioncube
  10. mc
  11. mod_rpaf2
  12. mysql51-client
  13. mysql51-server
  14. mytop
  15. nginx
  16. pcre
  17. php52
  18. php52-extensions
  19. phpmyadmin
  20. phppgadmin
  21. postgresql84-client
  22. postgresql84-server
  23. postgrey
  24. proftpd
  25. rar
  26. ruby18
  27. screen
  28. squirrelmail
  29. unrar
  30. unzip
  31. xcache
  32. ZendOptimizer
  33. zip

Automatic performed tasks on the server

  1. Saving all backups of your files on the separate physical server. All files, data bases, panel settings, e-mail. Task runs everyday. Server saves 10 last copies. Archives with backups isn’t counted when calculating used space on the disk. Paid service.
  2. Optimization of data bases MySQL - task runs everyday, it corrects and optimizes data bases. Data base optimization allow to gain maximal speed of MySQL server.

VPS additional options

You can add inPersonal account - Services - VDS/VPS hosting - Config

  • Disk space - 100 Мb = 0,1 $ per month
  • RAM - 64 Мb = 1,4 $ per mont
  • Additional power of processor - 100 Мhz = 2,8 $ per month
  • Backup - A cost depends on choosen plan


How to get a discount?

For a longer period than is purchased or extended server than more big your discount.

  • 1 month - 0%
  • 3 month - 4%
  • 6 month - 8%
  • 12 month - 16%

It turns when you renew hosting service to 1 year you get 2 months for gift.
Also if you renew the service for 1 year you can register a domain в зоне ru or рф free.
Moreover, you can take a part in our Affiliate program will get a compensation for following clients. If you’d bring 5 clients, you can get a server free.

How to pay for an order?

Enter in your personal account - Customer – Personal account information – Pay.
Choose payment method, specify the cost and finish operation on the website of payment system.
After payment you can go to Finances – Orders – click on your order – press button Process.
More details about payment methods you can find here

I didn't get an activation letter
  • Copy of activation you can find in Personal Account – Services – Game hosting – Welcome.
  • Check folder Junk, sometimes letters get there.
  • Receiving of letters can postpone to 30 min, if this time is over you should write to tehsupport.
The service has status Please wait

It happens if we have large queue to create servers.
Don’t worry, your order will be processed and you will receive letter about it on your e-mail.

Server is paid but it doesn't work
  1. Make sure your money is actually credited to your account in the Personal AccountPersonal Account - Finances – Credits/Payment. Payment should have status Paid.
  2. If you already have the order and it has a status Stopped, you can find it in section Services and press the button Renew.
  3. If it is a new order you can go to Finances – Orders – the button Process.
How to enter to Personal Account?

Personal account has url https://bill.flynet.pro/manager/billmgr
Login and Password were sent on your e-mail when you registered.

How to change E-mail?

You can change e-mail for notifications in Personal account Personal account - Settings (horizontal right menu) - E-mail for notifications – Ok.

What is different from VDS от VPS?

It is the same. You can find both variants in Internet. In our control panel you can find the second variant VDS.
VPS - Virtual Private Server
VDS - Virtual Dedicated Server

How to connect to server through VNC?

Look the instruction in our wiki article Использование VNC протокола

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