SMTP Email Server

What is an SMTP server?

The acronym SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the procedure behind the email flow on the internet.

An SMTP server is an application that’s primary purpose is to send, receive, and/or relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers.

An SMTP server will have an address (or addresses) that can be set by the mail client or application that you are using, and is generally formatted as (For example, Gmail’s SMTP server address is, and Twilio SendGrid’s is You can generally find your SMTP server address in the account or settings section of your mail client).

When you send an email, the SMTP server processes your email, decides which server to send the message to, and relays the message to that server. The recipient’s inbox service provider, such as Gmail or yahoo then downloads the message and places it in the recipient’s inbox.

per day, x1000
3.33 GHz, cores

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Emails per day 10K

OS Debian 11 0 ₽

Panel Mautic + phpList 0 ₽

CPU 1 x 3.33 GHz 0 ₽

RAM 1 Gb 0 ₽

SSD 20 Gb 0 ₽

IPv4 1 0 ₽

Monthly 5 $
Yearly (-16.67% off) 50 $
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What is the difference between an SMTP server and a normal server?

Technically, the SMTP is ordinary server which receives requests and sends responses server. It is like most servers, the SMTP server processes data to send to another server, but it has the very specific purpose of processing data related to the sending, receiving, and relaying of email. An SMTP server is also not necessarily on a machine. It is an application that is constantly running in anticipation of sending new mail..

Do we need SMTP servers till now?

Without an SMTP server, your email wouldn’t make it to its destination. Once you hit “send,” your email transforms into a string of code that is then sent to the SMTP server. The SMTP server is able to process that code and pass on the message. If the SMTP server wasn’t processed the message, it would be lost in translation.

Additionally, the SMTP server verifies that the outgoing email is from an active account, acting as the first safeguard in protecting your inbox from illegitimate email (spam). It also will send the email back to the sender if it can’t be delivered. This informs the sender that they have the wrong email address or that their email is being blocked by the receiving server.

How can I get my own SMTP Email server?

At the top of this page you can see plan builder. Choose resources you need and hit big green button. Do not grab much resources if you need cheap smtp server. Especially beginners who are not familiar with sending email via SMTP servers and want to try it out with our service.

After signing up with email or social media service you are redirected to control panel where you can complete you order and finally receive credentials for you new SMTP Email server.

Hosting platform features

Bulk SMTP service

Up to 32 dedicated IPv4

For each server. Only fresh and clean IPs from our own subnets. Replacement IPs by request.

Automatic IP rotation

Built-in logic for rotate outgoing IPs and rDNS with HELO name for each message. It helps to keep more positive reputation of IPs.

Full DNS support

Free nameservers for domain delegation. Automatic creation of all needed records: rDNS (PTR), DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, A.

Safely warming up of IPs & Domain

ESPs (email service providers) need to trust your IPs and domain for best inbox delivery. Our SMTP platform smoothly form a positive reputation via daily increasing limits emails for each ESP/IP/Domain.

IP reputation monitoring

Hourly checkings in 100+ DNSRBLs. Daily checkings IP reputation (score from 0 to 100) via service It helps to determine daily safely limits of emails per each IP.

Delisting service

We are accredited in most of DNSRBLs so we can delist marked IPs quickly. This is free part of our service.

FBL integration

Automatic tracking Feedback Loop reports from 20+ ESPs.

Сompromise amount

To avoid blacklists and for best inbox ratio we allow to send no more 5k emails from one IP daily.

Simple integration with your app

Any marketing application, service or device with SMTP. Interspaire, Mailwizz, IEM (Internet Email Marketer) and other.

POP/IMAP connectivity

Full mailbox service for manual handling of replies and bounces. Unlimited mailbox count. Roundcube web gui.

High speed delivery

UP to 100 simultaneous outgoing queues. Up to 1M messages per day.

Please, note there are no refunds if your IPs are blacklisted after you purchased it.