Affiliate program

  • ✔ 10% monthly from the expenses of the clients listed
  • ✔ Payments not only for the first payment, but also for all subsequent payments - for life
  • ✔ On the selection - the referral link, a cookie timeless, unique promo codes
  • ✔ Ready code examples for inserting a banner on your website
  • ✔ Transparent statistics in the Personal Area

5 reasons to become a member of the affiliate program now

  • ✚ Customers attracted by the affiliate program receive a 10% discount for the first month of using the service - it is beneficial for all
  • ✚ Unlimited client linking to your account - you will receive a reward even if he places an order in a year
  • ✚ Several ways of linking - links, cookies, promotional codes - use the method that is most effective for you
  • ✚ Bonuses are charged on all expenses of the client, and not just on the first order - multiply your income over time.
  • ✚ Bonuses are charged to your account in the online system - use bonuses to pay for your orders

Affiliate program Rules

These rules are part of the public offer and signed in writing contracts with LLC "Flynet" (hereinafter - the Company). These rules are accepted by all clients of the Company at the time of registration on the company's website and acceptance of the public offer of the Company on any available tariff plan. At the same time, the company's client is also assigned the partner status and the personal identification number of the Partner (PIN).

Participation in the affiliate program is voluntary and allows third parties to receive bonus funds to the Partner in case of recommendation of the company's services by the Partner, which he can later exchange for discounts on the company's services. Account new customers came on the recommendation of a Partner maintained by the company in the control Panel at Partner fully recognizes the data on accounting of attracted Clients and accrual of bonus funds in the control Panel of the company at Bonus funds are not cash and can be used to receive discounts on services offered by the Company in the control Panel at or on the company's website at ahhh! Upon violation of these Rules, the Company reserves the right to cancel certain charges, remove the Client from the list of clients attracted by the Partner or completely refuse the Partner to participate in the affiliate program.

Terms used in this regulation:

PIN - Personal Identification Number of the Partner, consisting of digits, which is assigned to the Partner at the time of registration on the company's website at;

Partner - a legal entity or an individual registered on the company's website at to which the Company has assigned a PIN for identification of new customers of the Company who came on the recommendation of the Partner;

Client - a legal or natural person who has concluded, on the basis of information received from the Partner, an agreement with the Company and received one or more services provided by the Company;

Cookies - information left by the web server in the client's browser in order to save data specific to the Client at the time of visiting the Company's website ( In particular, in order to identify the Partner from whom the Client received information about the company's services, the cookie stores information about the partner's PIN.

Referral website - a website that has been approved by the Partner and added to the company's control Panel as a referral website at ahhh! When customers switch from the referral site to the company's website, the partner's PIN is automatically placed on the registration page on the company's website.

1. The procedure of registration of customers and accounts

1.1. The affiliate program is available for Partners using any available tariff plans of LLC "Flynet". The affiliate program is not available for Partners using archived plans. At any time, the Company may change the list of tariff plans on which the affiliate program is available.

1.2. Accounting of the clients attracted by the Partner is made only if at the time of registration of the Client on the company's website the PIN is specified in the field "Partner identification number". The PIN can be put down by the Partner manually on the registration page on the company's website or the PIN can be put down automatically. The PIN is put down automatically: - if the Client went to the company's website via a hyperlink that contained the PIN, and the client's browser supported cookies. This takes into account only the first hyperlink with the PIN, the other PIN transitions are ignored. To account for the Client, cookies are accepted, the validity of which does not exceed 3 (three) months. - if the Client has moved to the company's website from the referral site.

1.3. For the provision of attracting Customers under the Affiliate program, the Partner, the account is credited with bonus funds that the Partner can use as a discount on the services of the Company. The Partner may use this discount on his / her account or may transfer it to third parties having a registered account in the company's system.

1.4. For an already registered Client PIN in the client's profile is not affixed and accrual of bonus funds from the payments of this Client, the Partner is not made.

1.5. Accruals of bonus funds are made automatically after payment for the services of the Company by the attracted Client, except for the cases described in paragraph 1.7. this rule. Accruals of bonus funds are made subject to the restrictions established by these Rules.

1.6. Accrual of bonus funds occurs only on the active (not blocked) account of the Partner, i.e. only if the Partner uses the services of the Company at the time of accrual. When you delete the partner's account, all bonus funds and attracted Customers are canceled and can not be restored.

1.7. At the discretion of the Company, the accrual of bonus funds may be subject to manual verification. The inspection period is up to 12 months.

1.8. The amount of accrued bonus funds is determined by adding charges from each payment made by the Client, in accordance with paragraph 2 of these Rules.

1.9. All cases of violation of these rules are carefully analyzed and if the violation is confirmed, a warning is issued to the Partner, and the charges and clients attracted by the Partner with violations of the Rules are canceled. If the case of repeated violations of the rules of the Society forbids the Partner participation in the Partner program - all the bonus funds and Partner Clients will be void.

1.10. Partners are prohibited:

  • Forcibly redirect users to the company's website (s) through an advertising link or banner;
  • Send advertising messages (spam) with indication of advertising information of the Company or the company's website;
  • Use and dissemination of information about the Company on web resources that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation; Register accounts for personal use through its affiliate program;
  • Place advertising materials on the resources where there is already at least one hyperlink to the company's website without the content of any PIN, without prior agreement with the Company. In particular, it is prohibited to attract customers using contextual advertising in search engines (,, and others.) on any search queries. Clients moving from search engines in the affiliate program will not be considered;
  • Attract Customers with full or partial compensation for the cost of hosting services to invited Customers, without prior agreement with the Company;
  • Provide potential Customers with information on the cost of services, which differs from the information on the company's website or other information about the Company and its services that is not true.

1.11. The company, at any time, unilaterally, has the right to change the terms of the affiliate program and these Rules, as well as to suspend or completely cancel the affiliate program and cancel the accrued bonus funds.

2. Amount of charges

2.1. With each payment of the Client attracted by the Partner in accordance with these Rules, received on the account of the Company, the Partner is credited with bonus funds in the amount of 10%.

2.2. The company has the right to change the size and procedure of accrual of bonus funds during the promotional period, or completely cancel the accrual of such bonus funds.

2.3. In case of return of payment by the Client, the amount of bonus funds accrued to the Partner shall be recalculated.


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