Affiliate program

Make money with us

  • 20% of monthly expenses listed clients. Calculate your income.
  • Payments not only for the first payment, but also for all future - for life
  • The choice - referral links, eternal cookie, unique promo codes
  • Ready examples of code to insert the banner on your site
  • Transparent statistics in personal account

5 reasons to become an affiliate now

  • Attracted Partner Program customers receive a 20% discount on your first purchase - is beneficial to all
  • Indefinite client binding to your account - you will be rewarded , even if he makes an order in a year
  • Several ways binding - links, coockie, promotional codes - use the most effective method for you
  • Bonuses are awarded at all costs the client , not just the first order - to multiply their income over time
  • The accrual of interest on your account in the Flynet system - use bonuses to pay for their orders

Forecast revenue from participation in the affiliate program

  • Forecast is calculated based on the statistics of participation in the affiliate program to all our customers
  • Weather does not guarantee equipment intended income. This is only approximate calculations
  • Actual return may be greater or less than the calculated values
Number of unique visitors to your site per day
Number of subscribers to your community
Increase traffic to your site per month, %
Article on your site with reviews about the service, referring to the order page and promo code
Reviewed on page community on social networks, with reference to the page and promo code

Dynamics of growth of income by month

Duration of participation, months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total for 1 year
The amount of remuneration for the month, USD


  • Compensation is paid to the third day of each month, regardless of the accumulated amount
  • Supported output methods - Webmoney, PayPal or bank card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • For a listing of remuneration should send your payment details through the Support Center


  • The number of actions referral link and promotional code is unlimited
  • When you click on referral link to create a perpetual cookie, the client will become your referral
  • Remuneration costs charged directly to the customer, not with his payments
  • To your account automatically 2 lists remuneration of each month
  • Affiliate program has no expiration date, fees accrued while paying referral

Recommendations | How to earn more

When you click on a referral link or by using the promo code the customer will receive a 20% discount on first order, make emphasis on this in my review

Use the referral link with promo code, some visitors cut referral links from harm, while promo codes are used with pleasure

Using the referral link, refer to page describes the services instead of the home page


  1. If you do not have an account in the system Flynet - register. It is fast and free.
  2. Log into Client area, go to Client - Affiliate Program - Change
  3. Write the referral link and promo code on social networks, forums, your website or blog
  4. See Statistics of transitions in the personal account - Customer - Affiliate Program - Statistics
  5. Receive 20% of the costs of your referrals to your personal account - Finance - Affiliate program commissions


Rating participate in an affiliate program

Rating partners sum bonuses updated the 1st of each month.
Last time bonuses were accrued in the amount USD.
Total partners attracted users, of whom joined the balance and contributed revenue.

Place Partner Bonus month, USD Members All Time Hits of All Time
Past Current Gain Active All

Last registered users and led their partners.
Last referral user was registered minutes ago.

Date User Leading partner Page transition
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