Spam alert symbols

'Symbols' are quality metrics of yours email messages.

You can see symbols in

  • 'X-Spamd-Result' header of released messages
  • 'Spam alert' bounce reports in mailbox which used as <FROM> address

Decision to skip or block the email message is made on the basis of sum of scores of each 'Symbols'.
Score of each 'Symbol' string placed in rounded brackets.
'Symbol' can has negative (good), 0 (neutral), and positive (bad) value.
You need try to fix 'Symbols' with positive scores.

If 'Score' > 2.00 your messages will be bounced.
If 'Score' =< 2.00 your messages will be released.
The lower the score, the more likely your message will be delivered to your Inbox (not SPAM folder).
You need to try to mimimize sum score always for maximize delivery of your mailings.

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