Bulk Email Server

per day, x1000
3.33 GHz, cores

Order Information

Emails per day 10K

OS Debian 11 0 ₽

Panel Mautic + phpList 0 ₽

CPU 1 x 3.33 GHz 0 ₽

RAM 1 Gb 0 ₽

SSD 20 Gb 0 ₽

IPv4 1 0 ₽

Monthly 10 $
Free Trial 7 days
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Hosting platform features

Bulk SMTP service

Up to 32 dedicated IPv4

For each server. Only fresh and clean IPs from our own subnets. Replacement IPs by request.

Automatic IP rotation

Built-in logic for rotate outgoing IPs and rDNS with HELO name for each message. It helps to keep more positive reputation of IPs.

Full DNS support

Free nameservers for domain delegation. Automatic creation of all needed records: rDNS (PTR), DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, A.

Safely warming up of IPs & Domain

ESPs (email service providers) need to trust your IPs and domain for best inbox delivery. Our SMTP platform smoothly form a positive reputation via daily increasing limits emails for each ESP/IP/Domain.

IP reputation monitoring

Hourly checkings in 100+ DNSRBLs. Daily checkings IP reputation (score from 0 to 100) via service senderscore.org. It helps to determine daily safely limits of emails per each IP.

Delisting service

We are accredited in most of DNSRBLs so we can delist marked IPs quickly. This is free part of our service.

FBL integration

Automatic tracking Feedback Loop reports from 20+ ESPs.

Сompromise amount

To avoid blacklists and for best inbox ratio we allow to send no more 5k emails from one IP daily.

Simple integration with your app

Any marketing application, service or device with SMTP. Interspaire, Mailwizz, IEM (Internet Email Marketer) and other.

POP/IMAP connectivity

Full mailbox service for manual handling of replies and bounces. Unlimited mailbox count. Roundcube web gui.

High speed delivery

UP to 100 simultaneous outgoing queues. Up to 1M messages per day.

Built-in Mautic control panel features

Email Marketing

Sending Outbound Emails

Create targeted lists, schedule and manage bulk email sending

Building and Personalizing Emails

Create and design emails with an editor, manage templates, personalize dynamically

Manage Email Deliverability

Ensure inbox delivery. Includes opt-in management, bounce handling, unsubscribe processing, suppression lists, email preview, spam checking, link validation, and delivery monitoring

Automated Email Responses

Set up automated nurturing emails based on events, online activities, and lead scores

Online Marketing

Dynamic Content

Dynamically customize emails, forms, and landing pages for specific segments of customers and prospects

Landing Pages and Forms

Build customized landing pages and lead capture forms for specific marketing campaigns to maximize conversion and to capture the right qualifying information

A/B Testing

Test alternate versions of emails, landing pages, and forms. Learn what works, maximize response rates, and increase conversion

Search Tracking and Optimization

Track performance of keywords and links in major search engines. Measure search rankings and performance. Improve page-level SEO with tools to diagnose and improve page performance. Integrate with Google AdWords.

Mobile Optimized

Support mobile-optimized emails, online forms, and landing pages

Lead Management


Segment your database and build list of target leads and contacts. Filter on demographic and company attributes (title, company size, location) as well as behavioral filters and CRM information.

Marketing Lead Database

A marketing lead database is the system of record for your most important marketing asset: your leads and contacts. Includes a view of all marketing interactions between each prospect and your company, including website visits, email clicks, scoring changes, and data updates/history.

Lead Nurturing

Automate "drip marketing" campaigns that send relevant messages over time, based on prospect behaviors and pre-defined campaign steps.

Lead Scoring and Grading

Automatically qualify and score leads based on demographics as well as prospect online behaviors, including recency and frequency. Assign your own weights to determine lead scores for prioritization.

Data Quality Management

Data quality consists of deduplication, cleansing, and appending your marketing database.

Online Behavior Tracking

Track which emails a prospect opens and clicks, what web-pages they visit, what keywords they use, even what they say on social networks.

Automated Alerts and Tasks

Create tasks automatically and provide real-time sales alerts over email, RSS or mobile device.

CRM Lead Integration

Sync lead, contact, account, and opportunity information with your CRM system.

Campaign Management

Event / Webinar Marketing

Streamline the entire event process, including personalized invitations, registration, reminders, and post-event follow-up. Integrate with online meeting tools like WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToWebinar.

Program Management

Manage marketing campaigns and programs across multiple channels, including online ads, video campaigns, mobile, virtual events, and social media. Create and optimize program assets such as landing pages, emails, campaigns, and lists. Track program objectives, results, and costs to assess the program ROI.


Maintain a marketing calendar across multiple groups. Manage the calendar for the entire marketing department, from promotions to content to PR.


Manage all aspects of marketing investments, including assigning top-down budgets to various groups and divisions, planning marketing spending across programs, tracking open-to-spend, ensuring budget compliance, coordinating work-flows and permissions, and reconciling plans with actual invoices.


Social Campaigns

Schedule automated posts to one or more social accounts; use or integrate with URL shortening services; and measure likes, comments, replies, and retweets.

Social Sharing

Add intelligent social share buttons to your campaigns and content. Track who is sharing your content and driving conversions.

Social Engagement

Social apps including polls, sweepstakes, and referral programs can enhance audience engagement. Include these on your website, landing pages, Facebook pages, and emails.

Social Listening

Monitor what leads and contacts say on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and online communities. Incorporate into your lead and customer DB and use social insights to segment prospects. Trigger campaigns, and update lead scores.

Social Ads

Amplify brand and community stories; Reach customers by social profile and activity; Optimize social ad campaigns in real-time

Reporting & Analytics

Basic Reporting

Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards to measure leads by source/campaign/month, email performance, landing page performance, and web and social activity. Create report subscriptions that can automatically send updates to your team and executives.

Web Analytics

Track which pages prospects and customers visit and how often they come back. Capture the history in database for lead scoring and sales intelligence. Use anonymous company look-up to identify anonymous visitors. Send alerts to sales reps of which of their prospects and customers web activity.

ROI Analytics

Measure leads, prospects generated, pipeline, revenue, investment, and ROI by marketing channel or program. The result is that you can see which marketing investments are generating the greatest return and get visibility into how marketing budget should be allocated going forward.

Revenue Analytics

Analyze how leads flow through the funnel by measuring stage to stage conversion rates and velocity. Allocate pipeline and revenue credit among all the marketing activities that have successfully touched an opportunity as it moves through the pipeline.

SEO / Keyword Analytics

Monitor and track how you rank for relevant keywords on major search engines and compare your overall performance to competitors.

Please, note there are no refunds if your IPs are blacklisted after you purchased it.